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      <rc type="edit" ns="0" title="Вязьмитинов Сергей" pageid="2481" revid="15791" old_revid="12884" rcid="16604" timestamp="2019-06-13T04:55:48Z" />
      <rc type="edit" ns="0" title="Воробьёв Денис" pageid="69" revid="15790" old_revid="13337" rcid="16603" timestamp="2019-06-13T04:52:46Z" />
      <rc type="edit" ns="0" title="Ворм Юрий" pageid="485" revid="15789" old_revid="11448" rcid="16602" timestamp="2019-06-13T04:51:47Z" />
      <rc type="edit" ns="0" title="Волков Сергей" pageid="4889" revid="15788" old_revid="14000" rcid="16601" timestamp="2019-06-13T04:50:27Z" />
      <rc type="edit" ns="0" title="Волков Владимир" pageid="3891" revid="15787" old_revid="15514" rcid="16600" timestamp="2019-06-13T04:49:07Z" />
      <rc type="edit" ns="0" title="Винокурова Елена" pageid="2144" revid="15786" old_revid="5405" rcid="16599" timestamp="2019-06-13T04:48:02Z" />
      <rc type="edit" ns="0" title="Вибе Станислав" pageid="4110" revid="15785" old_revid="15489" rcid="16598" timestamp="2019-06-13T04:46:41Z" />